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There is No Secret

To Creating Wealth 

You only have to decide to be wealthy and follow the right strategies to get there! 



When most people think of wealth their initial thoughts are generally in terms of financial wealth.  However, although it is important, finance is only one aspect of wealth.  My definition of Wealth is:


“making a contribution to society, being spiritually fulfilled and having the time, money and energy to do the things that I want with the people that I want”



For most people talking a holistic approach to wealth means


·         being financially secure

·          having loving relationships

·          being in a position to contribute to society

·          having good health

·          being personally fulfilled

·          having a spiritual connection


Imagine what your life would be like if you had all of the above!

·         What would your ideal day be like?

·         Who would you be spending your time with?

·         Where would you be living?

·         What car would you be driving or would you be chauffeured?

·         What vacations would you be planning?

·         Who would you be helping?

·         How would you feel?



Unfortunately not many people achieve this state.  However, if you really want to have this level of wealth you can!  All you need is a desire to do it and the correct strategies to get you there.


If you look at how most adults develop they will generally start out focusing on their relationships , which may lead to marriage or other long term relationships. 


The focus may then move to finances to support housing and family commitments.  


As the family grows up they may seek to grow through personal development


Later the focus may move towards maintaining their health, contributing to society and exploring their spirituality.


At different times during your life you will place more emphasis on specific areas of your wealth.  However, you will notice that focusing on one area may lead to a detrimental affect on another area e.g. if you are struggling financially and you spend all your time chasing money, then your relationships and health may suffer.


The best way to keep most of your wealth areas at their optimum is to combine as many as you can e.g. you could have a business with people who fulfil your relationship needs, is good for your health, helps you to develop and allows you to contribute to society. 


For each of your wealth areas there are hundreds of experts available to give you strategies and the latest 'secrets'.  As a result, many people spend a lot of time running from one fad to another to find the best strategy and end up achieving nothing except frustration!


Try doing a search for 'Wealth' on the internet - you will find millions of pages with different strategies. How are you to chose which are the right strategies for you? 

The answer is that most of them will be right for you - if you decide to take action and put in the effort required.  Obviously some strategies and programs are better than others and you will find the best ones are available through the relevant sections of this website and the resources section.


Through Wealth For Me you can gain access to the world's leading educators and strategies that will catapult you to your wealth dreams.  However, if you don't have dreams you will never get there.  It's like looking at a map without having a destination. 


So the first part of your wealth strategy should be to decide what wealth means for YOU.  Remember that ideal lifestyle that you were imagining earlier!

·         What would your ideal day be like?

·         Who would you be spending your time with?

·         Where would you be living?

·         What car would you be driving or would you be chauffeured?

·         What vacations would you be planning?

·         Who would you be helping!

·         How would you feel!


Do you have a picture of your ideal lifestyle now?


If you are like most people, chances are that you don’t have enough money to live the lifestyle that you want.  If this is the case, then I suggest that you start by looking at how to improve your financial situation by checking out the finance section.


I wish you every success on your wealth journey and hope that the resources on this website will assist you to get there quickly.


Good Luck



 Shay Martin

CEO Wealth For Me